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I'm D: The Finder

What I guarantee: I am an alchemic anthropologist that specializes in human behavior. I am a wisdom seeker, creative artist and writer. I use creative methods to help facilitate an environment for others to discover their inner alchemy of love, the unique signature frequency of your soul. I’m an expert at what I do. I have first hand knowledge. Experience. Skills. And the qualifications, to equip you to find what you’re looking for, true love. I am confident in this ability because it is not a secret or something undiscovered. It is simply learning the ability to understand yourself -- mind, body & soul. These are recognized as awareness practices and are intended ONLY for someone ready to take responsibility for their life from the inside out.

And sometimes no matter what someone else says or teaches there isn’t a connection and for this reason I ask that you recognize that by participating in my creative coaching services and or any of the provided teachings, you acknowledge my services do not replace the care of a psychologist or any other licensed healthcare professional. I am a credential anthropologist as well a humanistic minister of love. My guarantee is to deliver the services purchased as described as well as protect your privacy. As a coach, I provide you the space and nurture the environment, in which you can expand, and walk into your vision of true love.

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